Construction & Engineering

    Complexity is growing across all areas of construction – aligning field and office, interpreting large amounts of data & making rapid decisions – all require greater digitalization to perform optimally, hence, in line with current problems being faced by the industry, INDUS has designed the Digital Project Control System (DPCS) Solution to help organizations deliver projects in time & within budget all while ensuring the quality is not compromised. We help the project stakeholders to manage the right information & accordingly, process it intelligently to achieve the defined outcomes that deliver the benefits. At the core of our strategy is the digitalization of the contracts & embedding each & every part of these into the system which ensures a solid foundation for information and decision making. ‘Digital Project Control System’ solution is built on powerful ORACLE CEGBU Product suite. DPCS is an integrated, scalable solution that combines all aspects of Contract and Project Management including schedule, cost, resource, documentation, monitoring and can be extended to cover portfolio management.

Our Expertise